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Events (Outings, Trips, Walks, Lunches, Dinners & Walks) have been arranged for Members of The Probus Club of Harpenden and their guests, by the Events Committee, for several years and they have been a success and are popular with the membership.  Events are arranged by members of the Events Committee who are experienced in such arrangements and it is the practice to advise Members of the nature of the event, the programme and any noteworthy features.

In these Guidelines:

An outing is understood to be an event that takes place within a day and may involve travel by car, coach or train.

A trip is understood to be an event that takes place over one or more days and is likely to involve a combination of travel by coach, train, boat or air and will also involve overnight accommodation(s).

A walk is understood to take place within a day from a designated start point to a designated finish.

Events are deemed to include lunches and dinners.


For The Probus Club of Harpenden’s Insurance to be valid, the Insurers require under Health & Safety that a Risk Assessment be carried out and that Members be advised of the details of the Event.

The policy specifically excludes participating in sports including golf, bowls or snooker.

These Guidelines provide general advice regarding the risks relevant to all Events that are arranged by The Probus Club of Harpenden.  The current practice of advising Members of the nature of the Event, the programme and any noteworthy features will continue.


Fitness: It is the responsibility of the Member, and any companion, to determine that their level of fitness is compatible with a proposed event.

Clothing:  Due consideration must be given to the appropriate clothing for the time of year and the weather conditions.  A waterproof jacket is a useful protection against any changes in the weather.

Footwear:  The majority of events involve some walking and appropriate footwear should be worn.

Walking poles / sticks:  Members may consider these useful aids to ensuring an enjoyable and safe outing, trip or walk.

Travel: Members should be aware that outings and trips will normally involve mounting or alighting from a coach or train.

Venues:  The majority of venues have carried out their own Risk Assessments, and any Notices / Advice should be adhered to. Some venues could include steep and/or awkward staircases and Members must make their own decisions about their ability to undertake such situations . Members must follow any instruction from a Local Guide.

Accommodation:  The accommodation booked by the Event Organiser will almost invariably have carried out its own Risk Assessments and any Notices / Advice should be adhered to.

Travel Insurance: It is a requirement that Members and their companions have Travel Health Insurance for trips overseas and that Members carry a copy of the Schedule and the contact numbers, when calling from overseas.

Medication:  Members should carry any medication that could be required during an outing, trip or walk and should advise the Event Organiser, where appropriate.

Communication:  The Event Organiser will carry a mobile, but Members should consider  bringing their own to facilitate communication, especially in the event of an emergency.

Walks:  These may involve walking through hilly, muddy or rough, slippery terrain and on public roads, and negotiating obstacles.  Some fields may well contain livestock.  Any Member bringing a dog is solely responsible for its behaviour and control.

It is the responsibility of Members to have read these Guidelines and the information provided by the Event Organiser for a particular Event and to pass the information to anyone who accompanies them.

Issue:  2

Date:  20th August 2015

I have read and understood the guidance above and accept the duty of care this imposes upon me.


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